This is where it all begins… I have spent the best part of my life studying the principles that govern human living. I was born in a village in the Volta region of Ghana, where spiritualism was the norm. The locals made a god or a spirit out of almost every object, and interpreted every occurrence, whether good or bad to the work of gods or spirits.

Later on, my family and I moved to Accra, the capital city of Ghana. It was in the city that I came to grasp with the issues that really matter in life. I realised that religion mattered to people as much as money! From then on till now, I have been researching Science, Religion, History, Ancient Cults and Secret Societies, Politics as well as Esoteric writings.

So, be rest assured that I am definitely going to feed your mind existing truths. Knowledge is dynamic, and it doesn’t belong in one man’s head! Life is truly about adventure! But most importantly, life is about finding what matters most in life and holding on to it.

My name is Lawrence Amegboe…