Who’s the boss in America?

It appears that few people in the world – including in this country – want a war against Iraq. It appears that only those in the United States federal government and behind it – including England’s Blair and of course Israel – want war, as they will profit mightily for every life destroyed. These minions of the devil will clear billions in profits during every day attacks are made against Iraq, just as they have for the past twelve years.

Demonstrations are mounting in occurrence and strength against a war. I personally know of no people who support a war, nor do I think that I will meet any even partially informed man or woman who supports the killing of perhaps millions for oil and allows Israel to rampage unimpeded against the people of Palestine.

I think the only Americans outside of government that support attacking Iraq still don’t know we entered World War II based on a huge lie and that Korea, Vietnam, and the Gulf War were based on lies. Each was manufactured in order that the federal government could increase its control over the people while oil, pharmaceuticals, munitions interests, and others involved in defense contracting could make huge sums of money.

It mattered not to these people how many other human beings were slaughtered uselessly. Plus, there is this irrefutable fact – not even bona fide wars have resulted in world peace. Each just seemed to lead to another as the controllers strived to establish control over the people. The intent is to establish We the People as “human resources” for the fraudulently applied US Government Corporation regulations – regulations that are meant only to apply within the District of Columbia and factual jurisdictional areas of this corporate government.

Thus, if we wish to evolve as human beings with our rights fully protected, we must recognize that wars are not the answer, particularly as they displace what is rightfully ours – equality and liberty. They are profit-making tools of the already filthy rich and of those who think of themselves as Controllers of mankind.

These profit and human control directed people also happen to either be in leading official positions of the federal government or in control of those who are in leading official positions. So, we must ask – just who is the boss?

We have an illegitimate president that believes he is a dictator. The reality is that he has no law making authority whether we are in a declared war or not. He is merely the head of the corporation know as the UNITED STATES.

He also has no authority to send troops – whether in the military or any of the many black ops conducted by the US Government – to other countries when lacking either a congressional declaration of war or a Letter of Reprisal.

He also has no authority to use the military or other armed federal agents in the many states of this country. The states themselves and the people making them up are outside the jurisdiction of the federal government. Please understand that this use is an uprising against bona fide government. The people protesting such are not engaging in insurrection – corporate Government officials are.

It is clearly stated that only Congress may declare war. To reiterate, this means that without a declaration of war identifying the enemy and exactly why war is declared in “defense” of this country, the president and Congress may not act.

And – as stated above – never are federal agents supposed to be within the many states taking actions meant to coerce compliance of free people to regulations that only apply within the US Government’s jurisdiction.

The president cannot issue executive orders as law, nor can Congress give him the authority to. He may boss around his subordinates in the corporation he heads, such as secretaries and appointed lapdags, but even they are not permitted to violate the authority given government entities in the original American united states Constitution.

Is it so hard to understand that an executive order accepted as law is also an acceptance of the president as a sovereign monarch – or a dictator in the case of the current occupant of the White House? And that such regulations do not – regardless of circumstances – extend past the jurisdiction of the US Government Corporation.

“The United States Government is a foreign corporation with respect to a state.” Volume 20: Corpus Juris Secundum, (P 1785: NY re: Merriam 36 N.E. 505 1441 S.Ct. 1973, 41 L. Ed. 287)

And we have this decision – one of many – that makes US jurisdiction clear:

“The laws of Congress in respect to those matters do not extend into the territorial limits of the states, but have force only in the District of Columbia, and other places that are within the exclusive jurisdiction of the national government.” Catha v United States, 152 US, at 215

Thus, applying executive orders and statutes made by Congress within the states are repugnant to the organic Constitution and the laws of God. Only the people have the power to change the Constitution that applies to the people and the true United States of America and no man has the authority to change the laws of our creator. Any changes are actually done through terrorism.

This means that all executive orders ever issued and supported by Congress and enforced by federal enforcers of laws, have resulted in each and every one of them committing treason against the people of the union of states. Or, they are acts of war against the constitutional union of states.

This is extremely important. It must be adhered to that the people are sovereign to all levels of government whether those in government like it or not, and whether these treasonous officials forcing compliance to laws repugnant to our unalienable rights like it or not.

Maybe we should be doing as they do – force compliance through arms if nothing else works – and to date nothing else has worked. But, of course, that is a distasteful solution – distasteful but still within our rights as human beings and possibly a duty. Our forefathers sure thought it was a duty.

We currently have a situation in which the people are speaking out clearly. If hundreds of thousands demonstrating all across this land do not carry more weight that a few polls conducted by a mainstream media that is told what to print – even the lies – then it is time to take those to task that are committing treason.

The entire administration under the Bush Regime should be tried and convicted for treason, and the world court allowed to try them for war crimes. The first two impeached for treason should be the president and vice-president who have from day one ignored their oaths of office and did everything they could get away with to destroy the unalienable rights of the people and reject the people’s and state’s rights.

Every one of these people that have spoken out and pushed others in government or forced others in government to follow their lead are traitors to this union of states. And likewise those who force compliance are traitors while such officials as Traficant and Wellstone who would not follow were silenced – one by trumped up charges and removal from Congress and the other by removal from Congress by death.

Government officials – who no doubt think of themselves as “great” men and women – have passed unconstitutional laws that essentially void the original Constitution and remove all rights of the individual. They then use force to enforce these “laws”.

They may think they are great but the truth is they are no good stinking dirty rotten traitors. They commit treason every time they allow their regulations to be applied unconstitutionally to the free non-franchised men and women within the states. They rely on their deceits being believed by the people and armed enforcers coercing compliance by those who know and understand liberty.

We have already seen that lies led to the crap being bombed out of Afghanistan, with thousands of innocent people killed who had not harmed even one American man or woman. And, what was the result?

Well, Afghanis are still being killed and now Unocal has its pipeline being built and guarded by American people. But, has the US Government’s man – and the accused – bin Laden been brought to justice?

Not no, but hell no. If he exists, he is still free possibly living at the taxpayers’ expense. If he doesn’t exist, he was a government fabrication. Certainly the evidence shows he did not carry out the attack on New York. And never could he have carried out the alleged – but yet unproved – “attack” on US Government buildings, the most heavily guarded area in the world.

Furthermore, the lies that led to Afghanistan have also resulted in the federal government creating alleged “laws” that intend to completely deprive Americans of their God-given rights. That was the intent as the US Anti-Patriot Act and Homeland Security provisions were written long before the Bushitas gained full control of the executive and war -making branch of government.

Will it be any different with Iraq, even if the corporate Congress does declare war against it? The only result of such a military action will be that Bush and his bunch of bandits will get control over Iraq’s oil fields, while hiding the atrocities by Sharon against Palestine. And, of course, removing the oil supplying contracts that Russia and China already have with Iraq.

These are their goals – along with establishing plenary control over their livestock, meaning we people. That is why they are desperately lying in order to build support for their criminal acts. If Americans seem to support the Bushitas, then those who know the truth will be considered dissidents, conspiracy theorists, and terrorists that should be put away.

Have we forgotten that Iraq had not threatened this country in the first Bush’s war? Have we forgotten that a constitutional Congress did not declare war against Iraq in 1991, that therefore the US Government committed war crimes by the thousands against people innocent of any crime against this union of states? And that treason was further committed by the draconian measures taken against our liberty?

Once again war is not declared against Iraq because there is absolutely no basis to declare war. Bush knows it and Congress knows it. In fact, the whole sleazy bunch is just interested in protecting their jobs and/or making billions from another false war.

How often does this same scenario have to be played out before those doing the dying and crying wake up?

I am praying that the majority of people do wake up and realize this is our country, that the US Government does not own our states or us, that “our” Constitution has been usurped while “theirs” – their corporation charter so to speak – has been forced upon us.

There are surely enough on the Internet learning the truth about the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT CORPORATION (created on February 21, 1871 by the Forty-First Congress, Section 34, Session III, chapters 61 and 62: “An Act To Provide A Government for the District of Columbia”. This is also known as the “Act of 1871”.

This is reflected in U.S. Code, Title 28 – JUDICIARY AND JUDICIAL PROCEDURE, (Chapter 176) Section 3002 (15) (a, b, & c); which states that ~

(15) “United States” means – (A) a Federal corporation; (B) an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity of the United States; (C) an instrumentality of the United States

Surely millions now know the authority of the president and the Congress does not extend to the many states. Surely millions know the bunch of primarily Republican – and largely Bush controlled – Supreme Court appointees committed treason against the constitutional union of states when they placed the current Bush in the White House by interfering with Florida’s laws.

One would also hope that millions are learning that most politicians currently holding office are interested only in keeping their jobs and their party in power, as that is how they profit the greatest. That is the job of those in corporations. No wonder it appears as if the two major parties are really one – they just trade off as the “party select” of the US Government and its controllers at any given time – but still remain part of the corporate US Government.

I would also hope that those in the military are beginning to realize the falsehoods that lead them to being placed in harm’s way by the greedy and traitorous US Government in command of them.

I suppose a percentage – I hope a low percentage – delight in blasting people’s bodies apart so they will do whatever this fraudulent government tells them, even if it is killing us in order to disarm us. These genuine “killers” are perfect tools of the corporate government as they are more than willing to defend the mayhem this corporation always creates.

Speaking of mayhem, have we forgotten that no plans ever instituted by the feds to correct deplorable situations have ever worked – at least in regard to the people? The only plans that have worked are those that increase the fortunes of those in control.

The people are left holding the bag, whether it is in lives lost, lives ruined, property stolen, and the people in other countries suffering the same. Such is the case when one lives under a crooked corporation’s regulations.

It is plain that most politicians are idiots except when it comes to how to best serve themselves at the expense of other human beings. Or possibly it should be stated that that is how it appears. Many say one thing but in the end what they say never materializes – unless it serves their selfish purposes. So, maybe they aren’t idiots – just traitors.

At any rate, People, we must – if we are to be free ever again of government restraints and the practice of killing innocent people by the US Government and our STATE and local corporate governments – realize that those in the various levels of government, including the president, are not our bosses.

They never have been – such “power” has been forced upon us by TERRORISTIC measures used against us since the establishment of the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT CORPORATION in 1871.

Yes, that is correct. Forced compliance to unconstitutional laws that have resulted in changing the government and the relation between the sovereignty of the people and those elected to preserve the sovereignty of the people and this country are acts of terrorism by the fraudulent – as far as the union of states is concerned – US Government.

Thus, not only should those in government who support these acts – including those in your local governments – be tried for treason, they should also be tried for war crimes and terrorism in the international court of the United Nations. This is just a note to think about but check out the UN Charter. Your property taken without due process – including property tax – violates the charter, as do all corporate officials infringing on your rights.

So, here’s the deal as this American sees it. It will be against the wishes of the people, the Constitution, and against the laws of God if the US Government attacks Iraq. Iraq has not harmed us – it has only deprived American oil interests of profits by giving contracts for oil to Russia and China.

Thus, it will be the corporation government – the US Government – ordering the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocent human beings for the profits of a few. That is criminal and treasonous no matter how you slice it.

And don’t any warmongers give me that crap that one can expect civilian casualties in wars, that defenseless men, women, and children are just “collateral damage” that is perfectly acceptable. The slaughter of innocent people is never acceptable, nor will it ever be. It is just a very evil tool used by governments to force another government to surrender.

Thus, those in the government condoning such slaughter of Iraqi innocents will be traitors and conspirators in murder, terrorism, theft, extortion, and probably will violate a plethora of laws made by Congress, laws we have seen that are actually regulations meant to control the US Government itself and those within its jurisdictional geographic areas.

The lies must not be tolerated this time – those who would subvert our rights and the actual Constitution by exceeding their authority must be brought to task.

In 1915, Emma Goldman, Russian-born anarchist, called on people “…not yet overcome by war madness to raise their voice of protest, to call the attention of the people to the crime and outrage which are about to be perpetrated on them.”

How true this is yet today. If we do otherwise the world will “enjoy” the worst blood bath ever while these criminals against righteousness will haul in the profits by the trainload -and what little freedom remains to the American people will be lost.

Just as a footnote: Bush and his fellow conspirators – particularly that Rumsfeld guy and Bush’s good lying buddy Fleischer – are now threatening the Joints Chiefs of Staff with treason if they don’t back him. This just goes to show that Bush knows no more about treason than he does about the Constitution, his actual duty to the American people, his and the military’s Oath to uphold the original Constitution for the united states of America, and the unalienable rights of the people.

And many of our people still support him. Lordee, how foolish the uninformed are.